PACE Run for a Cause helps individuals with special needs and/or invisible disabilities. A portion of the proceeds PACE receives are donated to local charities benefiting those with invisible disabilities.

PACE wants to be part of the solution helping individuals with special needs flourish and exemplify their unique contribution. PACE provides quality experience with the help of caring volunteers in the community, partnering with PACE will expand community awareness and increase interest among community representatives hence providing a wider range of assistance to your program.

PACE is partners with corporate entities that will provide opportunities for individuals in helping them prepare for the workforce. The partnership between PACE and your organization will not only bring awareness to the many lives that struggle to fit into a community, but also highlight the existence of invisible disabilities and the need to have compassion for all kinds of people in all walks of life.

Together WE can build connections that inspire a sense of belongingness and acceptance one race at a time.

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